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Animal Hospice Group - Beneficial for You
Beneficial for You

Expand your education and/or add to your professional services. Obtain hands-on experience through the internship/Helpline module. Make new connections and network with AHG Students, mentors, and professionals. Empower yourself!

Animal Hospice Group - Fits Every Lifestyle
Fits Every Lifestyle

You are able to complete the online Coursework at your own pace and at any time of the day to fit your schedule. The internship is the only module with a specific schedule. Guidance and customer support is always available when needed.

Animal Hospice Group - Value & Inclusiveness
Value & Inclusiveness

You will be giving animal caregivers the individual support they need. Become the animal hospice specialist at a veterinary practice, business, organization, or even start up your own professional services.  
This is an online course for anyone!

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"One of the most important things students can learn from our certification program is how to work with both the animal and its family as a single unit, all the while appreciating that they are part of the same equation. If we can teach our students how to help caregivers assist their animal companions in a manner that is both consistent with hospice principles and respectful of the animal's will to live, we will have reached our certification goal."

~ Dr. Kathryn D. Marocchino, AHG Founder

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Animal Hospice Group - Compassion

We Know Because We've Been There

As animal care practitioners, we've worked with animals, families, and animal shelters/sanctuaries. We know the pain when the end of life comes. We also understand what it feels like not knowing what to do or say to people who are hurting. We know because we've been there. 

We decided to learn about end-of-life care and discovered better approaches. With more than 100 years of combined experience working with virtually every kind of animal and caregiver situation, we now train and certify animal lovers for better end-of-life care. We are passionate about passing along the wealth of knowledge we've learned.

Veterinarians and Animal Clinics should consider supporting a team member to become a Certified Animal Hospice Practitioner (CAHP) to enhance the strength of your patient care. Having a CAHP on staff to work with end-of-life issues is a great option to consider. 

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Learning requires hands-on continuous education. We believe the most effective way to learn and truly become skilled involves: Coursework, Internship and Helpline, which leads to Certification. Helping you become a Certified Animal Hospice Practitioner is our primary goal.

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