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What is the Animal Hospice University?

The Animal Hospice University (AHU) is a division of the Animal Hospice Group (AHG). The Animal Hospice University is your source for Animal Hospice certification plus educational courses, short courses, continuing education, and skills training videos. All of our programs and courses are offered online for your convenience. E-learning for animal lovers seeking Animal Hospice credentials and advancement.

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Courses catered for like-minded individuals & professionals.

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Video classes & workshops to master skills related to Animal Hospice care.

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Animal Hospice Group Founders & special guest instructors

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Acorn Symbolism

The acorn, as a seed, is a symbol of growth and unlimited potential. It possess the “oak knowledge” – or all that it needs within to create the mighty oak. The acorn teaches us about our own potential – how one acorn can grow into a massive oak and seed a whole forest. (Resource: Google)

“Oak trees come out of acorns, no matter how unlikely that seems. An acorn is just a tree’s way back into the ground. For another try. Another trip through. One life for another.”

~ Shirley Ann Grau


Animal Hospice Certification Programs Offered:

  • Become a Certified Animal Hospice Practitioner (CAHP)
  • Certify Your Practice - Animal Hospice Certified Practice (AHCP)
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  • Certify Your Organization - Animal Hospice Certified Organization (AHCO)
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by real testimonials!

Please click on the image to view this short (08:28 minutes) interview with AHG Founder, Michelle Nichols. Elizabeth Allen shares her experience with us and how the knowledge and training gained from the Certification has contributed to building her business, The Caretakers: Animal Care for Pets and their People.

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Animal Hospice Courses Offered:

  • Specialized Animal Hospice Short Courses
  • Featured Animal Hospice Courses
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  • Skills Training and Resource Centers
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