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Comprehensive Animal Hospice and
Palliative Care Certification Program

Are you ready to become a Certified Animal Hospice Practitioner (CAHP)?
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Get Certified with Animal Hospice Group

Helping you become a Certified Animal Hospice Practitioner is our primary goal. 

Animal Hospice Group - Level 1 Foundations Certification


Online 9 module coursework learning with the AHG Founders gives you knowledge. 

Certified Animal Hospice
Level 1 Foundations
Animal Hospice Group - Level 2 Counseling Certification


Hands-on advanced counselor online training with expert mentors gives you guidance.

Certified Animal Hospice
Level 2 Counseling
Animal Hospice Group - Level 3 Helpline Certification

Internship & Helpline

Helping pet caregivers with urgent needs while being mentored gives you experience.

Certified Animal Hospice
Helpline Specialist
Level 3 Helpline
Animal Hospice Group - Certified Animal Hospice Practitioner Program

Certification Track

Completion of all three levels in the certification track gives you confidence and competence.

Certified Animal Hospice
CAHP Certification Track
Animal Hospice Group - Quote

"Learn from the masters! Our instructors have each founded and led a groundbreaking animal hospice service/organization, for over 100 years of combined practical experience."

~ Dr. Amir Shanan DVM, Animal Hospice Group Founder

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Become a Certified Animal Hospice Practitioner

Pursue a vocation on the rise!

Help animals and their caregivers by becoming involved with the Animal Hospice Helpline
...all part of our comprehensive certification program.


"Why should I take this Animal Hospice Certification course?"

Learn more about our course levels.

Animal Hospice Certification Levels
Animal Hospice Group - Quote

"One of the most important things students can learn from our certification program is how to work with both the animal and its family as a single unit, all the while appreciating that they are part of the same equation. If we can teach our students how to help caregivers assist their animal companions in a manner that is both consistent with hospice principles and respectful of the animal's will to live, we will have reached our certification goal."

~ Dr. Kathryn D. Marocchino, Animal Hospice Group Founder

Animal Hospice Group - Effective Way To Learn

We believe the most effective way to learn and truly become skilled involves...

  • Knowledge (educational coursework)
  • Guidance (internship and Helpline program)
  • Experience (hands-on work with expert mentors)
  • Competence (completed certification track process)
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