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As we have developed the coursework for the AHG Certification Program, we have also become aware of the need for volunteers who are passionate to help with this cause. If you’d like to learn more about ways to help us, please fill out the form (below) and our Volunteer Coordinator Diane Lang will contact you to see if you’re a fit for AHG.

We also are seeking donors (Professional Alliances and Sponsorships) who can help keep this training affordable for professionals and practitioners. Click here to learn more.

Thank you for your time and interest.

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We are destined to only go UP! Leaders have the benefit of being on the inside track of AHG information and activities and work alongside the Founders in executing our strategic plan.

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Alas, that familiar movie phrase, “Build it and they will come” no longer applies in today’s world. We are so very grateful to our growing volunteer force who helps us reach and maintain our potential. For the AHG to reach more people and their pets with our important programs, we must get the word out - that is where you come in!

Do you have a special talent or gift to share?

Reach out to Volunteer Coordinator Diane Lang to talk about how you see yourself contributing your time - fill out the form below. We want to work with you to find a place that you deem enjoyable, stress-free, and that allows you to become a part of an innovative group with people whose passion you share.

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Animal Hospice Group - Volunteer
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"The passion, expertise, and commitment of our Animal Hospice Group volunteers will have a tremendous impact on the health and wellbeing of many beloved animals and their humans."

~ Gail Pope, AHG Founder

Animal Hospice Group - Gem and Blanca
Animal Hospice Group - Caretaker petting pig
Animal Hospice Group - Amy holding injured bird
Animal Hospice Group - Jess and Banca with Nick

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