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The Animal Hospice Group is dedicated to building a community of like-minded professionals who assist caregivers in helping their pets with illness, age, and the end of life. We invite you to join us by participating in our AHG Affiliate Program!

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How To Get Started

The AHG Affiliate Program is a way to promote and support one another's programs and ventures and is customized according to the organization or business. There are three simple steps to get started:
  1. Connect with AHG founder Michelle Nichols by submitting this form
  2. Schedule a meeting with Michelle and AHG founder Gail Pope to explore ways we can learn about and be of help and support for each other
  3. Formalize the arrangement by making a plan and exchanging materials to accomplish mutual goals
We will look forward to hearing from you soon!
~ The AHG Founders

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Participating Affiliates

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Animal Hospice Group Affiliate - BrightHaven

Center for Animal Rescue, Hospice, and Holistic Education

Animal Hospice Group Affiliate - Julie Austin Photography

Thank you Julie for sharing your beautiful photos!

Animal Hospice Group Affiliate - Veterinary Wisdom

Home of ClayPaws® Kits and the Veterinary Wisdom® Resource Center

Animal Hospice Group Affiliate - Pet Cloud

Virtual Grief Support and Community for Pet Loss

Animal Hospice Group Affiliate - The Caretakers Animal Care

Compassionate At Home Services Because a Lifetime of Loyalty Deserves The Best End of Life

Animal Hospice Group Affiliate - Animal Communication Insights

Animal communication to help pet parents understand how their pets think and feel

Animal Hospice Group Affiliate - Holistic Actions!

Optimize Resilience & Happiness in Your Pet with Positive & Practical Holistic Pet Care Support

Animal Hospice Group Affiliate - Holistic Actions!

Animal-Guided Healing Through the Let Animals Lead® Method of Animal Reiki

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