Animal Hospice Course

Compassionate Care:
Introduction to Animal Hospice

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Compassionate Care:
Introduction to Animal Hospice

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Animal Hospice Course

Compassionate Care:
Introduction to Animal Hospice

Featuring Gail Pope | Instructor/Lecturer

Animal Hospice Group Co-founder
BrightHaven Founder and President

Exclusive Monthly LIVE Q&A Sessions: Gift someone now and they will gain access to monthly interactive sessions where we answer students' questions about Animal Hospice care. Plus, great handouts are included!

Five On-Demand and Self-Paced Lecture Videos

Introductory Price: $249.00 USD*
Total $272.03 USD, includes 9.25% Santa Rosa, California Sales Tax


Invaluable Animal Hospice Education for Beginners

The student embarks on a compassionate journey into the world of animal hospice and palliative care with our comprehensive training program tailored for beginners.

They dive deep into the rich legacy of the BrightHaven Center for Animal Rescue, Hospice, and Holistic Education with Animal Hospice Group Co-Founder and BrightHaven President Gail Pope, the instructor and a true pioneer in this field. They will discover the practices, protocols, and pivotal moments spanning over three decades that have defined Gail’s path of animal end-of-life care.

Our 5+ hours of lectures in this program include:

  • Navigating a Terminal Illness: Managing an Animal's Well-being Through Decline, Disability and End of Life
  • Practical Nursing Care
  • Physical and Behavioral Changes During the Stages of Dying
  • End of Life Options and After Death Care

Our curriculum has been meticulously curated to provide a holistic understanding. From the emotionally daunting aftermath of a terminal diagnosis to the practicalities of day-to-day nursing care and navigating the intricacies of the end-of-life journey, our lectures offer invaluable insights.

The student will learn about the profound physical, emotional, and behavioral changes during the stages of dying. Delve into the ethical considerations surrounding end-of-life options, debunk common myths, and understand the BrightHaven After-Death 3-day process.

This program is more than just an education; it's a tribute to the profound bond between humans and animals, emphasizing the utmost respect and care for our beloved companions during their final days.

The Short Course comprises of five lectures including material from the 24 lectures offered in the Animal Hospice Certification curriculum. Gail Pope’s introduction will be a short overview of the foundations of animal hospice intended to give the learner background to introduce the more advanced concepts in the lecture content. Handouts integral to the learning process will be provided.

No prerequisites are needed.


Did you know? Your short course introductory price will be applied toward the complete Animal Hospice Certification Program if you decide to enroll to become a Certified Animal Hospice Practitioner (CAHP). You will just pay the balance of the certification program's regular tuition fee minus the price you paid for this short course. This offer is good within one month of the recipient's short course completion.

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