Talking End-of-Life with My Young and Healthy Animal Companion, Mhyah

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Animal Hospice Group - Joanne Yeoh, Talking End-of-Life with My Young and Healthy Animal Companion, Mhyah

Talking End-of-Life with My Young and Healthy Animal Companion, Mhyah

By Joanne Yeoh
Guest Blogger | Animal Communication Insights

Have you ever imagined having a heart-to-heart conversation about end-of-life care with your young and healthy pet?

The Animal Hospice Group Certification Program has altered my perspective and inspired me to talk to my young and healthy dog, Mhyah, about death and end-of-life care. This unexpected dialogue has not only enriched our relationship but has also empowered me to extend this knowledge to my clients as a professional animal communicator. 

Today, I share with you how this journey unfolded and the profound impact it has had on my life and the lives of those I now assist.

Consulting My Pets in Decision-Making:

Being an animal communicator has enriched my relationship with my pets through understanding their thoughts, feelings, and desires. The process of animal communication taught me the importance of consulting my pets in decisions that directly involve them. From their preferred activities and food choices to welcoming new additions to the family, I engage in open discussions with them, acknowledging their needs and desires. It has shifted me from being a decision-maker for my pets to becoming their trusted confidant and collaborator. The idea of discussing end-of-life plans with my young and healthy dog, Mhyah, never crossed my mind until recently.

Extending Animal Communication Professionally:

As a professional animal communicator, I offer consultations to clients seeking to understand their aging and dying pets better. This unique insight into their pets’ thoughts and priorities brings comfort and clarity to pet guardians during the challenging end-of-life process.

To further develop my expertise in animal communication and end-of-life care, I enrolled in the Animal Hospice Group Certification Program. The program allowed me to explore how animals perceive death differently from humans and how they approach the dying process with acceptance and grace. Armed with this knowledge, I decided to discuss end-of-life care with my young and healthy dog, Mhyah, through animal communication.

The Unexpected Journey Begins:

Curious to explore how my dog Mhyah would react to a conversation about end-of-life care, I decided to broach the subject with her. After all, why discuss such a profound topic with a healthy dog? Surely, it seemed unnecessary at her age and condition. Little did I know that this unexpected conversation would lead me on an emotional journey of self-discovery.

Mhyah’s Surprising Revelation:

As I communicated with Mhyah about end-of-life planning, I expected her to brush off the subject or remain indifferent. But her response took me completely by surprise. She acknowledged the uncertainty of life and appreciated the opportunity to discuss her needs and feelings “before it is too late.”

Intrigued and caught off guard, I listened intently as Mhyah shared her concerns, not about her own end-of-life care, but about what would happen to her if I were no longer there to care for her. Her words resonate deeply within me, prompting me to confront my own fears and insecurities about discussing this sensitive topic. 

Photo Joanne communicating with Mhyah

Photo: Mhyah and Joanne communicating

The Wake-Up Call:

As a professional animal communicator, I have helped numerous pet parents navigate end-of-life discussions with their beloved companions. Yet, I had never confronted this topic head-on in my personal life.

My conversation with Mhyah was a wake-up call, reminding me of the importance of facing my own mortality and planning for the future. As a pet parent, I had been accustomed to believing that I would outlive my pets, but Mhyah’s revelation made me realize that life is unpredictable, and I needed to be prepared for all possibilities.

Embracing the Journey Towards a Good Death:

This unexpected conversation compelled me to take action. I began working on a personal End of Life Plan, not just for myself but also for Mhyah and my other beloved pets. This process allowed me to explore both the practical and emotional aspects that end-of-life planning evokes.

My conversation with Mhyah and my experience with the Animal Hospice Certification Program highlighted the importance of end-of-life planning discussions. Often, pet parents avoid such conversations until they are forced to face them in times of distress. However, taking the initiative to discuss end-of-life plans when everyone is emotionally and physically well can save the heartache of not knowing whether you are making the right decisions for your pets when the inevitable time arrives.

A Deeper Purpose: End-of-life support

I strive to encourage pet parents to communicate openly and compassionately about end-of-life planning while their pets are in good health. Such discussions will allow both guardians and their beloved companions the opportunity to share what matters to them, easing the burden of difficult decisions that await in times of crisis.

I joined the Animal Hospice Group because I really believe in what they stand for, and I want to spread their message. Along with what I learned from them and my own experiences helping pets during their final stages of life, I'm here to help you understand and talk about your pet's wishes.



Photo of Joanne Yeoh smiling and posing on lawn

Photo: Joanne Yeoh, Animal Communication Insights

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My expertise is in bringing pet parents and their pets together to a place of understanding by communicating with both parties (interspecies communication). I translate and mediate for the pet as well as the human, supporting both parties to explore positive ways to progress toward a harmonious resolution.

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