You’re Still With Me

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Sketch of Nugget and Tamara


Tamara has always been an enthusiastic animal devotee and nature lover. She has often been inspired by Mother Nature and animals over the past 25 years, which has helped her create poems, articles, blogs, etc., designed to inspire, motivate and comfort humans, and which promote love, harmony and peace in people's lives. She wholeheartedly feels that animals teach us many life lessons. Over the years, her life has been graced with her own 4 amazing dogs named Nugget, Casey, Toby and Missy, in addition to the plethora of animals she has had the privilege to care for with her pet sitting business. All of these animals have been a source of motivation and strength for her. It is her privilege to share this blog article with our readers. She dedicates this writing to all the caregivers, families, and individuals who have provided unwavering love and devotion to their beloved animal companions, and who have had to grieve their passing.



YOU'RE STILL WITH ME | Written by Tamara Macaluso
In Loving Memory of my Faithful Friend Nugget

I can hardly believe it has been 21 years since the passing of my beloved dog Nugget. As I sit here writing this on the anniversary of the day she left this earth plane all those years ago, I long to see her again, while at the same time my heart is overflowing with warmth and gratitude as I reflect on the treasure chest of memories of Nugget’s and my journey together. These remembrances are comforting and sacred, and can never be taken from me – they serve as a bridge for me to still connect with her and to feel that somehow she’s still with me, no matter how many years have gone by.

Learning how to cope and continue on after the passing of our loved ones, including our beloved animal friends, can be challenging and disheartening to those who are in the throes of grief. Grace will hold our hand and gently walk with us as we mourn, if we open up our hearts and allow it to. Our heart space is boundless and harbors a sanctuary where those we cherish live on forever. In addition to the cherished memories of our pets that offer us respite, there are countless hallmark attributes inherent in the animals we loved which the universe graciously offers to us in many ways to gently comfort and remind us that our furry friends will somehow always be with us, long after they have passed on. May you find solace in some of the concepts I have listed below, which I feel can still connect us to those we love who have departed.

Could it be that the wind somehow senses my longing to commune with you, and carries your essence on its invisible wings as it caresses my face and whispers to me your name so gently on its breath? You’re still with me….

When I feel the warmth of the sun on my skin and behold the plants as they soak in its rays, I realize this is an offering of love given freely and unconditionally, just like the love you showed me every day when you were by my side. Your unwavering love still pervades, just like the sun, and it feels like you’re still with me….

As the stars join hands uniting as one to dazzle the night sky with their radiance, I am reminded of the moments you were the star that lit the way for me in many of my darkest hours. You’re still with me….

Firmly rooted trees that grace us with their presence, are undeniable expressions of wisdom and strength.  It takes courage and power to withstand the winds that can relentlessly test the tree’s ability to hold strong and remain steadfast when storms darken their days.  Their sageness, from all that they have witnessed and endured, permeates the air and sky.  When I look up and observe these fortresses of greenery, it awakens memories in me of the countless times that your wisdom and determination uplifted me; the trees reassure me that you’re still with me….

Having faith and reliance in the certainty of the dawn of a new day, touches a chord in me of your abiding loyalty and devotion.  Each sunrise serves as a token reminder that our dedication to one another can never be broken, and that somehow you’re still with me….

When moments of memories of you and our time together wash over me, I sense your presence in my soul, and embrace the love being showered on me.  On these golden occasions when our hearts join, I am reassured you are just a thought away and you’re still with me….

We are all a mosaic of elements of everyone who has touched our lives. The essence of who you were, the lessons you came to teach, and the love you so freely gave and left behind are interwoven in the hearts of everyone who was privileged to know you. It soothes and comforts me to know that pieces of you are still flourishing in so many people and places and that you’re always still with me….đź’—



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