Life and Soul Dog – An Animal Communicator and her Canine Companion share their Experiences and Wisdom to Help and Inspire You

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Animal Hospice Group - Anya Gore, Life and Soul Dog, Anya and her beloved Zoe, her Canine Companion, enjoying laying on the lawn.

Life and Soul Dog

An Animal Communicator, Anya Gore, and her Canine Companion share their Experiences and Wisdom to Help and Inspire You.

When our beloved dog Zoe was dying, having struggled for some years with Leishmaniasis, she planted a seed in my mind and heart.

This seed was to write a book about our life together, and above all, to share her great wisdom. In her last days, she and I had some very deep conversations, which I started to write down. These began mainly as me checking in with her about how she was feeling, what she needed, and how she wanted things to proceed…but soon they veered towards something very different. She began to guide and comfort me and lead me to my deepest truth concerning her situation, indeed, our situation. She began to guide me towards dealing with and accepting, my grief and dismay at her imminent departure. 

After she passed, in March 2022, she became a guide in a very powerful way. She was present on my walks: they were still our walks, and she led me step by step through the toughest and most desperate times of grieving…she was present with me in a vast, infinite way, and helped me so much to get through that time when I often felt such pain that my heart felt torn apart. She helped me to understand that all I needed was to move through that pain, that it was an opening to more love, which in the end is what we all truly are. I shared some of these walks “live” in my Facebook group at the time.

And soon after her death, I started writing my book. Or more accurately, we started writing our book. At first, I wanted to write down a chronology of our life together and the different experiences we’d had, before getting into the nitty gritty which would be her wisdom and sharing. But as I started to write the book, she kept popping in and commenting, and gradually the book became our story, our struggles and discoveries, and her opinion about them all, interspersed with much wisdom about life and love, relevant for everyone, not just dog people.

I wrote the book in real-time, expressing what I was going through at the different stages following her passing – in the end, it took me 9 months to write, so I moved through different levels of awareness and emotion as the book progressed. 

When I didn’t write for a few days, Zoe would nudge me to get going again, pushing me to complete it, my constant and loving taskmaster! It felt, and was, very important for us both.

Then I started the whole process of self-publishing, which was a new world to me, and a steep learning curve. The day I hit publish, there was such a feeling of elation and accomplishment, of celebration and happiness. I felt I had honored her and our life together as best I could. I shared our deepest experiences, my doubts and difficulties as well as my revelations and evolution. I had dared to share this, and from the feedback I’m getting, it speaks to those who have read it. I am grateful for this, as it was my wish that our journey would be insightful and helpful to others.

Zoe is now sharing her wisdom in new ways, bringing guidance and messages to people, not just to me. We often work as a team, with a combined energy and perception, and to me, this confirms how very real and alive she still is, at the level of her Soul and Spirit.


Graphic image of Anya Gore's book cover, Life and Soul Dog

Graphic: Book, Life and Soul Dog, by Anya Gore.


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Photo of Anya Gore sitting with her beloved dog Zoe

Photo: Anya Gore pictured here with her beloved dog Zoe.

Meet the guest blogger, Anya Gore.

Anya is a channeller, animal communicator, healer, and coach.

In her work with people and animals, she combines coaching and her method of energy healing with inter-species communication. This allows for truly deep connection, and an opportunity for transformation for the animal, and often for their human too. Anya’s business is called Connected Souls because that best describes her understanding of life. At heart, she is a channeller of messages for people from their animals to facilitate loving connections, harmony, easing periods of transition, creating a calm space for healing, and other soul-related work.

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